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JAGUAR: an engineering and design icon

Quintissentially British car manufacturer has spanned 90 years leading with innovation in performance and design. The cars could be categorized into three main periods;


1922-1980. From the XK models through the E-type and XJs, these classic cars are largely handmade.

1980-2007 the company was briefly independent and then in 1988, was acquired by Ford, with substantial improvements in build. XJS touring and XJ sedans with the S-Type and X-Type introduced as entry level cars.

2008-2014 Current models including the new XF and F-Type

E-TYPE Our shop has a particularly strong reputation with classic and vintage cars. Our shop is geared to the unique challenges of older cars  Shown here, a series one XKE  in the shop.


We haven't forgotten about the new cars either.  They have particular issues which can only be inspected with the latest tools and software that can literally speak to the vehicles.  Let us talk to your car and get it back on the road.




Annual Maintenance:

Old cars and new - Due for an oil change once a year.  Older cars should supplement the oil with an additive rich in zinc and phosphorus. This is because the oil companies have eliminated much of these lubricants to extend the life of catalytic converters.  But the older cars with flat tappets need this extra lubrication.


Warning Signs:

Newer cars aren't maintainence free but the check engine light does serve a function.  If it illuminates on come by the shop and we'll scan the electronic control unit to retrieve the codes and identify which system has a fault.


Older cars cetainly have more issues.  Try to prevent the car from overheating.  Unusual smells, noises or leaks should be inspected.  Let us have a look and we can discuss what might be needed to keep these classics on the road for many more miles.



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