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Triumph Cars

Classic British sports car make, Triumph is a lesser known and rare car these days. Dating back to the company's first cars at the dawn of automotive history, the marque has great heritage.


These cars are unique. We are specialists and can help with every aspect of service and repair.

Parts can be a challenge as the cars have not been manufactured since the early 1980's. You can rely on British Car Repair to help with service and maintenance of your Triumph classic sports car.




Annual Maintenance

Fluid inspections, lubrication of chassis, suspension and steering.

Oil and filter change, check tire pressures.


Engine Care

Don't forget to check to valve clearances periodically.  About every 10,000 miles is recommended.  That could be every year for some owners or every five for others.


Use an oil additive with zinc and phosphorus when you change the oil. Oil companies have severely reduced these critical lubricants due to requirements to extend the life of catalytic converters.  This is ok for modern engine designs but not for the TRs with flat tappets


Mileage factors

Because many of us drive our cars only a few thousand miles a year maintainance is as much about time\mileage\necessity as anything.

Flush the brake fluid every few years to prevent moisture accumulation.

Antifreeze should have a drain and refill every three years to maintain boil over\freeze protection and also prevention of electrolysis.

Ignition points last about 10,000 miles or consider upgrading to electronic ignition.


Purchasing a TR

The TR4s and TR6s seem to be the cars that change hands the most often. What should one look for?

Rust:  Check the chassis where the rear control arms are secured.  Have the floor pans rotted away?  Trunk well?  Aft of each wheel arch?

Thrust washers:  The TR engines can have significant wear of the engine thrust washers.  Usually not too big of a deal but you should know about it.

Differential mounts:  A common source of clunking noises.  Also check axle universal joints and rear wheel bearings.


TRs are great cars and there are many upgrades that can make the cars better than new.  Find a solid platform and these can be a lot of fun.


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