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Land Rover is a brand of the British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover,which specializes in four-wheel-drive vehicles. Jaguar Land Rover, has its headquarters in Whitley, Coventry. This is the original 4x4 and Land Rover is the second oldest four-wheel-drive car brand in the world (after Jeep). These vehicles are a paragon of agility over all terrains, while many models boast the pinnacle of luxury.


The marque has always been built to a very high specification, with many much older vehicles still performing like clockwork, they do require specialist knowledge, tools and technical equipment.  The Land Rover is a proud and noble marque. Frankly, the vehicle is unlikely to take to being towed by a domestic brand tow truck or service. If you find your vehicle will not run, call us first.




Annual Maintenance:

The older series cars are as tough as old nails and can often feel like you are driving on a box of old nails.  These cars are for the true enthusiasts who love the lore and legend of Land Rover.  They, however, are not indestructible.  Most commonly we'll see lack of maintainence with either steering and brakes.   Let us help you make the old classics safe to drive as well as fun.


Newer Rovers are as computer controled as any other vehicle if not more, particularly with the integration of off roading, traction control, anti-lock brakes, ride height control and drive train.  We have the electronic test equipment that can interface with the control units, make adjustments plus fit and intialise (Allow the new component to see, mate and function) with the vehicle.



Engine Care:

Pretty simply.  Change the oil often and don't let it overheat.  Older cars should run on old style petroleum based oil.  Figure an oil change every 3,000 miles.  The latest cars need the synthetic oil which cost more but allow longer oil change intervals.   How long?  Don't go 10, 12, 15 thousand miles between changes.   Most drivers have a combination of city and freeway driving.  If that is you change the oil every 6,000 miles.  All highway, and that doesn't mean stop and go commute, let it go further to about 8,000 max.  All the chemicals that make these synthetics what they are are done by then.   


Warning Signs:

Old cars talk to you without check engine lights.  If it starts groaning bring it in.  New cars light up the instrument panel like Christmas.  We can scan the vehicles electronic control units and tell you which systems are misperforming.


Mileage factors:

At about 75,000 miles the synthetic oils in the transfer case and differentials need replacement.


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